ED Website Project

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ScSEED received grants from the Saguache County Board of Commissioners and Anschutz Family Foundation to develop a new economic development website designed specifically for Site Selectors. ScSEED contracted with Xplore Design, LLC (http://xplore-design.com) to develop the features and functionality for this ED specific website. The website URL is http://www.choose-saguache.com and officially launched on December 3, 2012. The website provides critical data that Site Selectors’ use to identify new locations for business and industry. This new website was specifically designed using the Site Selector data standards from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) including Saguache County economic profile, population and labor force characteristics, physical conditions, business climate, knowledge-based resources and qualify of life information. The website will enable site selectors and industries interested in locating in Saguache County to access critical information and data in one place – www.choose-saguache.com.

ScSEED’s intent is to provide a tool for Site Selectors and industry location or relocation experts to find appropriate and useful data and resources to encourage economic development in Saguache County. This website will also be useful to small business and downtown development organizations, looking for data and information about Saguache County communities. The branding statement throughout the website identifies Saguache County as “A New Frontier For Viable Business.”