Projects & Strategies



Saguache County Heritage Brochure

Info on Historic Sites, Museums, and Hot Springs throughout the county (caution, large PDF file)

ScSEED's projects fall into one of four main strategies for Preserving our Heritage and Designing our Future in Saguache County


Strategy #1:  Civic & Social Connections
Encourage the communities and people of Saguache County to work together for mutual benefit.

Strategy #2:
  Compatible Economic Development
Support small businesses and cooperative enterprises that sustainably use and add value to county resources.

Strategy #3:  Agriculture & Environment Conservation
Preserve and protect the rural agricultural community character and environmental health.

Strategy #4:  Education & Enrichment
Increase lifelong health care, educational, vocational, recreational and social opportunities.

Download the Strategic Plan document that generated these strategies.




Civic & Social Connections

Community Forums


Compatible Economic Development

Economic Development Website

Saguache Downtown Revitalization Project

Crestone Redevelopment Project


Agriculture & Environment Conservation 

Kerber Creek Restoration Project

Saguache Alliance for Green Energy (SAGE)


Education & Enrichment

Ranching Way of Life DVD

Saguache Community Garden