Crestone Redevelopment Project (CRP)

The Crestone Redevelopment Project (CRP) is a partnership between ScSEED and the Town of Crestone to build capacity for renovating and redeveloping the streetscape within the downtown commercial district.  The Crestone Master Plan presents a preliminary vision for encouraging a pedestrian friendly downtown, which might include: sidewalks that include pedestrian supportive features such as benches, landscaping and signage; parallel parking along sidewalks; bicycle parking, etc.


Funding from the El Pomar Foundation and the Saguache County Board of Commissioners will enable ScSEED to work with the Town of Crestone on this exciting project.  Many thanks to these funders for supporting this project!!


Click here to download the Town of Crestone Master Plan


The CRP structure is as follows:

The Crestone community was invited to the first public outreach meeting on Saturday, January 21, 2012Crestone residents, business owners, community leaders and others attended the meeting and accomplished the following objectives:


·      Got an overview of the Crestone Redevelopment Project (CRP)
·      Learned the role of the Planning Commission, ScSEED, the Town Trustees and the Committees
·      Learned the process & timeframe for the CRP
·      Were invite public to provide input through specific mechanisms
·      Learned the planning process (using recently completed Crestone Master Plan document).
We also discussed forming a public-private partnership to support the CRP; giving an overview of the roles of the Town Trustees, the Planning Commission and the public; and some initial ways in which the public can get involved. Crestone residents, business owners, and those interested in economic development were encouraged to participate.