Agriculture & Environmental Conservation

ScSEED aims to preserve and protect the rural agricultural community character and environmental health.


Northern San Luis Valley Conservation Roundtable - Member & Event Coordinator 

ScSEED attends quarterly meetings of the NSLVCR which promotes public education and collaboration on local environmental conservation issues. ScSEED works with other members and organizations to schedule quarterly presentations/events.  In 2015, this included the film screening Hanna Ranch, and informative sessions on Industrial Hemp in the SLV, Rio Grande Forest Plan Revision, & the prescence of contaminants in local waterways.  


Kerber Creek Restoration Project - Partner & Fiscal Agent

The Kerber Creek Restoration Project is a joint partnership of the Bureau of Land Management, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Trout Unlimited, Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development, local landowners, and others. Mine tailings have washed down through Kerber Creek and are contributing metals to the waterway. The project involves tailings removal, in situ treatment, revegetation, installation of fish habitat structures, stream bank stabilization, and fencing to keep cattle from the rehabilitated areas. The partners are taking a holistic view of the watershed; major goals include increased forage area for cattle and wildlife, healthy stream morphology and biota, and removing Kerber Creek from that state's 303(d) list of impaired waterways. This is the final phase of a project which has last over a decade.


Saguache Alliance for Green Energy- SAGE- Partner & Fiscal Agent

SAGE works to implement a strategic energy plan for the Town of Saguache, to serve as a model for the County and other San Luis Valley communities, by engaging town residents, public entities, and local businesses to pursue energy efficient and renewable energy measures, ultimately leading to a prosperous, productive, sustainable community.