Projects & Resources

ScSEED's projects fall into one of four main strategies for Preserving our Heritage and Designing our Future in Saguache County


Strategy #1:  Civic & Social Connections
Encourage the communities and people of Saguache County to work together for mutual benefit.

Strategy #2:
  Compatible Economic Development
Support small businesses and cooperative enterprises that sustainably use and add value to county resources.

Strategy #3:  Agriculture & Environment Conservation
Preserve and protect the rural agricultural community character and environmental health.

Strategy #4:  Education & Enrichment
Increase lifelong health care, educational, vocational, recreational and social opportunities.

Download the Strategic Plan document that generated these strategies.




Civic & Social Connections

Community Forums


Compatible Economic Development

Saguache Downtown Revitalization Project

Crestone Redevelopment Project


Agriculture & Environment Conservation 

Kerber Creek Restoration Project

Saguache Alliance for Green Energy (SAGE)


Education & Enrichment

Ranching Way of Life DVD

Saguache Community Garden